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Astrid Ann Glassis a citizen of the Empire and appraiser at Sotheby’s auction house. Astrid's fae mein gives her the flawless features of Glass, leading to wide-spread speculation as to her exact seeming and kith. She is currently Nellie Whistle's Court-appointed mentor.

Mortal Life[edit | edit source]

Astrid's choices of dress and musical preferences lead many to believe she was raised during the mid-80's but that sort of thing is fashionable right now so who is to say exactly when and where she was brought up? She has hinted she is a lifelong Londoner.

Durance[edit | edit source]

The only mention Astrid has made to her time in durance is about how lovely glass-blown art can be. Take that for what you will.

Life in the Empire[edit | edit source]

Astrid joined the Spring Court almost immediately after her return from Arcadia and began dating then-Winter courtier Mitchell Hitchcock. Together they Warded a young returnee from Arcadia named Ben Ashmore. In an unfortunate turn of events (for Hitchcock) Astrid broke off her existing relationship to peruse one with the at least ten-years-her-junior Ashmore. It was recently discovered that she is a member of the Motley known as the Temple of the Pound alongside Wes Price.

Impressions of Astrid[edit | edit source]

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