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Amyas, The Second Baron Crayle is a member of the Autumnal court, a painter and a professor of art at Imperial College. He is also the Court-Appointed mentor to Perth McMannus.

Mortal Life[]

Little is known of The Baron Crayle's life before his durance. He has mentioned his family being from Old Money, but it is unknown if he retains any ties to his mortal bloodline.


During his durance, the Baron was frozen as stone and slowly and painfully chipped away, starting the process of carving him. During this time he was outdoors on a castle balcony as he watched over the beauty of the surrounding environment. The unnatural beauty of Arcadia never left him and made his imprisonment "worthwhile".

Life in the Empire[]

After his return to Arcadia, The Baron became a fixture of The Eccentric Club and used connections in the Empire to gain his current teachers position at Imperial where he teaches Art and Art History. He is well-regarded by his fellows in Autumn. He was the Ward of Caroline, the First Baroness Crayle who guided him to his current understanding of how the world works.

The Baron Crayle has become a special ally of Trouble Ahead, seeing them as a source of "Independent Auditing" (a phrase favored by his mentor) designed to examine the operations of the empire without the interference. To this end he has sent them clues as to the many hidden dealings of the empire and protected them against the reprisals of The Membership Committee.

The Baron Crayle is believed to be one of the 11 Who Know.