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Colin Buress


Colin Buress


By persons unknown, 2010


Mr. Shaitana, Princess Margret, The Man For All Seasons

Level of Activity

Very Low


None Known

Colin Buress was a former captive of Mab and one of the many caretakers of The Clockwork Palace. He was also apprenticed to The Man for All Seasons. Colin was murdered by persons unknown during King George's War.

Mortal Life[]

Details of Colin's personal life are unknown.


Exact details of Colin's durance are unknown, but he was clearly a former captive of Mab or Maeve. He also had a strong dislike for Gram Thew, possibly coming from his days in the Dark Lands.

Life in the Empire[]

Colin joined the Court of Winter after being discovered in The Hedge by Princess Margaret. He developed a schoolboy crush on her and appointed himself her "defender" even though she didn't notice his affections (she was dealing with other aggressive suitors at the time).

Colin quickly became a Functionary, assisting with the upkeep of the Clockwork Museum and becoming apprenticed to The Man for All Seasons. In this capacity, Colin came to notice many strange comings and goings in the Clockwork Place, including the existence of Shaitana's club in Knockturn Alley. After visiting the club, Colin made a deal for an unknown number of memories to work for Shaitana in the event of Colin's death.

Colin was suffocated by a unknown individual during the Battle of Guildwoods, with his killer dropping his body among the war dead.

Death in the Empire[]

After Colin died some portion of him was revived and now works the coat check at Shaitana's. He seems relatively okay with it as being a ghost means no one can kill him again.