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David Picket Frost was a high-ranking bureaucrat (perhaps the only bureaucrat) in the Summer Court. He served as CFO of Royal Regiment Red ale and was a representative from the NHS to Bedlam. He died in early 2010 at the hands of a Nihil.

Mortal Life[]

David was born David Althorp Jr, child of David and Candice Althorp. He had two younger siblings, Henry Althorp and Kara Althorp. He made mention once of working for the State, but he did not elaborate.


Details of David's durance are unknown.

Life in the Empire[]

David was essential to the operation of the summer court. He was King George's aide-de-camp and managed the finances of the only money-making operation that the Summer Court possessed, Royal Regiment Red. He also apparently had a strong administrative role in the Empire, as member of The Membership Committee and the Imperial overseer of the Changeling detention facility housed at Bedlam.

He was not the happy bureaucrat however. He seemed to resented his position as middle-man and the level of scorn cast on him by his fellow courtiers. His work with the membership committee was also unsatisfying- David once commented that Dr. Elspith Glaistig seemed to only push candidates into the Empire in order to have them wind up in her clutches. He once attempted to block a group of candidates from joining the empire in an effort to save them from this ignoble fate.

He was also apparently frustrated with the lack of warfare and goals in his life, joining the summer fight club in order to be able to experience danger and unleash his anger on something unhuman. He also gambled large sums of other people's money at The Jade Warren.

After an unknown event would cause him to become highly disillusioned with life, He would die in the cages an apparent suicide-by-monster.


David Althorp


David Picket-Frost, Mid-1960's


HR Representative


Awareness of Own Nature



Overly calming voice

David's fetch has, surprisingly, outlasted him, living on as David Althorp Jr even after the original David committed suicide. He apparently has a close relationship with both of his siblings, trying to calm his younger brother during an apparent psychotic break in early 2010.

The Fetch has a personal connection now to Nellie Whistle, as her HR representitive at work. Because of her frequent absenses and the accompanying health-related excuses, Nellie must meet with him on a semi-regular basis. These meetings cause Nellie great discomfort due to the fetch's apperance.

His Fetch appears to be made of dead plant and animal matter- dead bark, leaves, bones and dried stretched skin. His appearance can be very disturbing if one is not prepared for it.

Impressions of David Picket-Frost[]