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Mortimer, Duke of Mistletoe (known in mundane society as Sir Mortimer Armstrong) is a high-profile changeling of the Winter Court. He is renoun as the nominal chairperson of the highly influential Membership Comittee and as a Solicitor.

Life in the Empire[]

His lordship is the most high-profile member of the Court of Winter, acting as its representative to most of the other courts and factions in London. In this capacity, Mortimer is privy to a great deal of information about the other courts and the empire as a whole. In a private capacity he acts as solicitor for the highest-profile members of the empire, including Princess Anne.

Mortimer's role as the defacto leader of The Membership Committee gives him great power and influnce throughout not only his court, where he is widely looked to as the most powerful member outside of the Balmoral Family, but in the empire at large. He is confirmed to be one of the 11 Who Know a powerful conspiritorial group within the Empire who seem to pull at its strings.

During the Anglo-Goblin War Mortimer worked with the members of The Deep End to eliminate the Willworker threat to the Empire. It has been strongly hinted at that Mortimer was in some way involved with/responsible for the death of Princess Diana of Wales. Mortimer arranged for the evacuation of the War Rooms during King George's War for unknown reasons.

During the final battle of that war (The Battle of the Ballroom) Mortimer was attacked by his close friend and ally Mr. Black after Black was shown the head of The Pan.


Mortimer has since been replaced in society by Mr. Black who uses his considerable skill to impersonate the Duke in public. Mr. Black insists that the Duke is still alive "in a manner of speaking".