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The Dusk Court also called the Unseelie Court was one of the two great courts in the First Empire before the Great Fire in 1666. Long thought to be destroyed, the Court has lived on Beyond the Sea in the far flung territories of the Empire where the power of the Four Seasonal Courts never reached. Its opposite number the Dawn Court is supposedly extinct.


In 1888 the Dusk Court was a world-wide organization of changelings opposed to the rule of The Empire of the White Tower. They engaged in a number of anarchistic terrorist attacks and may have been allied with certain members of The Gentry. They were responsible for the kidnapping of Governor Arthur Holmwood and for several acts of terror around the world.

In modern times the Dusk Court is a secretive organization that has placed itself in opposition to The Empire of the White Tower and The Four Courts. Its presence has helped level the mystical playing field between the Invaders and The Empire since no member of the Invaders belongs to any Seasonal Court.

According to The Ambassador, The Family Quay joined the Dusk Court at the start of King George's War. It is unknown if those ties still exist now that the Quay have switched sides.

It is also unknown what role the Fetch Empire plays in relation to the Dusk Court, as the Fetches support the Invaders both ideologically and economically.

Dusk Courtiers[]