Empowered Mortal
Elizabeth Lilith Chandler


Autumn, 1980


None, Mental Patient


Dr. Steven Chandler




Vast power to warp dreams. May be able to craft very-realistic illusions OR warp the fabric of reality

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Chandler (also known asThe Quiet Girl), is an individual associated closely with The Deep End, a now dead motley in The Empire. She is the only daughter of Dr. Steven Chandler and, with her father, one of the only 2 remaining Willworkers in London. She was the paramore of Gregory Link.

History[edit | edit source]

Elizabeth Chandler was born to an influential member of the Willworker's London Council, Steven Chandler. She was sociable and popular, even among non-willworker supernaturals. She dated Gregory Link, educating him in the strange philosophies of her magical order while he gave her access to the Magics inherent to The Hedge.

By accord, Lizzie never spoke in front of changelings outside of her lover's motley, and he never spoke in front of Willworkers of the council who were not in her "circle". This earned her the name "The Quiet Girl" among the Changelings of the Empire.

Following the events of the Anglo-Goblin War, and the elimination of all Mages within the empire other than herself and Dr. Chandler, she became a magical repository, slowly absorbing all the magical energies and avatars of the fallen willworkers and the willworkers whose powers were being blocked. This slowly drove her mad. It is unknown if her father did this to her deliberately or it happened by some other circumstance.

For most of the past decade she had been kept under heavy sedation by Dr. Elspith Glaistig, David Picket-Frost and Mr. Bollinger. Once, shortly after Picket-Frost's death, her medication started wearing off and she begain warping The Dreamscape as she exited unconsciousness. She was re-sedated thanks to the efforts of Trouble Ahead.

Most recently she was seemingly fully woken by King Henry Carver who used her to eliminate the dreams of imperial changelings. Trouble Ahead again was sent to intervene, but were unable to kill her due to the intervention of The Blackmasks.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.

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