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DCI Eugene Hunt (Commonly called Gene or Oh, God, Please Stop, That's My Spine! My Precious Spine!!!) is the commander of the Second Regiment of The Court of Summer and a Detective Chief Inspector of the City of London police.

Mortal Life[edit | edit source]

Gene Hunt was born and bred in Manchester. He is an obsessive Manchester United FC fan, and has been known to go to bars patronizing other clubs just to get into fights. He served, for a time, in the military and fought in wartime, but what war and what branch of the armed forces are still unknown.

Durance[edit | edit source]

Nothing is publicly known of Hunt's captivity in Arcadia.

Life in the Empire[edit | edit source]

Gene rose through the ranks of summer with speed and efficiency. His previous background in the military made him a natural for summer as veterans of the British armed forces are looked upon very kindly by the King of Summer.

In his returned mortal life he has also excelled, becoming a DCI in the City of London Police. In this capacity he is able to patrol the square mile and insure the safety of the Changeling population. There have been hints that his obfuscation of changeling activity might not be the only area where he "bends the rules" as he apparently takes bribes from Governor Feng to look the other way about the illegal casino inside The Jade Warren.

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