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Hedgefruit are the many types of magical fae consumables harvested from The Hedge that have some supernatural effect on the user.

Goblin Fruits[]

  • Jabberjaws- Miniature Pear-like fruit with ruby-red flesh, Jabberjaws restore your will, but make communication impossible for a small window of time. They grow in the hedge surrounding The House and were a particular bane to Oliver Landon and Perth McMannus.
  • Knockout Flower- Unknown appearance, when powdered it can be used to render an adult unconscious in an instance. Used by The American Woman.
  • Jarmyn- Appearance varies, they allow periods of extended wakefulness in return for a whole day of unconsciousness upon next sleep.
  • Buglewort- A kiwi-like fruit with white flowers on it's surface, it increases awareness of surroundings, making it hard to sneak up on the character.
  • Nightcap- A kiwi-like fruit with white floewrs on it's surface, it slows your reactions to a crawl making movement and combat very difficult. Horrifyingly it's nearly identical to Buglewort.
  • Coupnettle- When used to brew tea, the Coupnettle plant restores your will.
  • Stabapple- A small fruit, resembling an apple, that hangs from a very thorny bush. It has no effect when eaten.
  • Stabapple Thorn- Not a fruit, but the actual thorn picked from the bush that grows the stabapple. When activated, the thorn elongates to the size of a dagger for a period of time.