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God Save Our American Freeholds!

The American Alliance (commonly known as the Invaders) are a coalition of refugee survivors from destroyed Outerfreeholds throughout the Empire Beyond the Sea. This coalition is made up of Changelings from nearly every freehold based outside of the British Isles and apparently has well over 1,000 members, many of whom are not American despite the formal name. The Alliance is closely allied, or perhaps even a part of, the Dusk Court.

The Alliance is apparently "loyal" to William, The Prince Imperial who was named Governor-King of all the freeholds in the United States by his guardian, Empress Anne. They claim this is legal justification for attacking the "false" Empress Victoria.

The Americans have been infiltrating the London Hedge and goblin communities by posing as Privateers for over a year.


According to John Appleseed, because the freeholds Beyond the Sea have become increasingly difficult to live in due to "The Troubles", the Americans feel they deserve to live in the only stable city in the known world: London. They wish to displace the majority of current Imperials and take London as their own.


Contributing Regiments[]

According to General Roquat, although there were three regiments stationed in London the Empire kept dozens of regiments supplied throughout the world. Things "went to shit" when the Empire stopped sending aid to these regiments. The Alliance is stocked with old soldiers from these regiments.