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Joshua the movie (with a smol pp)[]

Joshua was born in NEW ZEALAND into poverty in 1349, a smart, gifted boy. He quickly started making money when from the age of seven-10 he made bets with children seeing how fast he could beat them in chess. When he was 8 his mother passed and father left. He was a great, intelligent child. Also very strong.

Wolff Joined the military in 1365 and quickly began to climb. He won every battle he fought, including the one that Ended the independence war for the white tower, the battle of yerksmit. He trained men into shape quick and strong. After the battle of Trent fought against the bloody elvish, he was captured. He was interrogated heavily and tortured to five secrets. He replied; “my nation‘s freedom is worth the pain.”.

Life in the empire

Joshua's life in the empire was very, interesting to say the least. Joshua found a cute transgender person called Jericho. Jericho had a micro pp and Joshua had a medium sized one. So it was only right for them to frick and make babies. Joshua's baby was called Lexi. Lexi was a very intelligent girl with big brain. But Josh abused Lexi so she ran away. Josh was like " oh no :((" even though he abused him. On a normal day in 1400, Joshua was slowly dying. Every second, he could feel his life draining away. Lexi heard about this and went back to Josh. "My son.... please forgive me for the terrible acts I have done. Please forgive me for all those times I put it through the hole. All those times I smashed your head. All those times I turkey-slapped you... Please... my last wish is for you to forgive me" said Joshua in a very soft voice. " lol no noob " said Lexi. LOOOOOOOOOOOL then Josh died. To this very day in 2020, Lexi is still 12-13 years old and will soon get in college. What will happen next? Will Lexi reproduce? Find out next time on Joshua's empire.