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Mundane Mortal
The Baron Blackmund


Beaconsfeild, Buckinghamshire, England


Man of Independent Means, Member of the House of Lords, and President of the The Ashwood Abbey.


  • Wife, Lady Isabelle
  • Son, Thomas (31)
  • Daughter, Cynthia (28)
  • Son, Pritchard (19)


Sir Beryl Whitehall, Summer Discontents

Lord Henry Blackmund, The Seventeenth Baron Blackmund is the President of The Ashwood Abbey in London. He is an adrenalin junkie even at his advanced age and lives for the hunt.

Interactions with the Empire[]

Lord Henry has an extensive working relationship with The Empire through his dealings with Sir Beryl Whitehall. In return for some unspecified favor, Beryl arranges for Summer Court members to fight for the amusement of the unhinged members of the Abbey.

His knowledge of goings on in the empire, appear to be far more extensive then his dealings with Sir Beryl would indicate. He is a frequenter of The Jade Warren, but was denied entry to the secret casino to place bets on the Games of Fortune. At the wedding of his daughter in early 2010, he indicated he knew vast amounts of information about the empire and her citizens, including the very secret knowledge that The Duke of Exeter is a fetch, Oliver Landon's parentage, the location of Sir Beryl's fetch, and the existence of a Rabbit Hole inside Hill's Crown.

His preternatural knowledge may be explained by his frequenting Mr. Shaitana's club and "using" memories.

He Chapter Fourteen recently formed a new deal with the members of Trouble Ahead where in return for arms and explosives, they would restart the blood sports of the summer fight club. He forced the male members of Trouble Ahead to face a Nihil in the arena to prove to him that they were serious about the effort, something they nearly died doing