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Professor Lord Simon Palindrome, Duke of Letters (formerly Prince Simon of the Spring) is a member of The Court of Spring a professor at Imperial College and a leader of the Old Guard of the court.

Life in the Empire[]

Simon was one of the founding members of the Avant Garde along with Empress Victoria and Constance George. When Victoria became Queen of Spring, she made Simon the Prince of Spring, but not her heir (that honor went to Victoria's eldest ward Sir Beryl Whitehall). When Beryl defected to The Court of Summer Simon was suddenly made Heir Presumptive, a short lived honor as Edane, Victoria's youngest ward, revealed to her guardian Simon's homosexual tendencies, leading to Simon being asked to step down.

Today, Simon is a member of the Old Guard of the Spring Court, giving him access to far more money then most changelings are used to. He is close allies with Constance George and is often seen with her and the other Old Guard members dining at The Eccentric Club.

His position at Imperial College also gives him a great deal of influence among the Lost. As a full tenured professor, he has influence over any Changeling that attends the school. Doing well in a class taught by the Professor is a mark of some status in Spring and has in the past led to membership in The Posh, a group of changelings warded to the Old Guard.

Due to his knowledge, Lord Simon also serves as a kind of unofficial expert on the illuminated texts.