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Arctis Tor


Mab of Air and Darkness

Also Known As

Mistress of Night, Jadis, The Winter Queen, The Dark Lady, The Sin Godess


Maeve, Daughter. Máire, Mother.


The Dark Lands

Level of Activity


Mab of Air and Darkness is one of the most fearsome of the Gentry. Known well to the old inhabitants of the British isles, she acts like a god-queen of bygone eras, demanding worship from her servants and slaves and commanding even the laws of physics to bow down before her.

History[edit | edit source]

Mab's history is largely unknown.

Minions and Slaves[edit | edit source]

Mab is perhaps the most "well kept" of the Others. Her servants and slaves number in the thousands by most reports. The most notable are below-

Maeve[edit | edit source]

Daughter of Mab, Maeve matches her mother in sheer malevolence and rules a small section of the Dark Lands in her mother's name. Maeve keeps her own servants who entertain her mostly by performing elaborate plays, hosting elaborate meals and fighting till elaborate deaths. One such slave was Gram Thew.

Máire[edit | edit source]

Mother of Mab, Máire's very existance is questioned. While many have reported to the empire they have heard her name mentioned, none can ever recall meeting her.

Imps, Deamons and Trolls[edit | edit source]

Mab maintains an army of dark and nasty creatures that serve her whims and fight in her never-ending wars. While none have much intelligence (or in many cases the power to speak) the brute strength they represent is known throughout the Thousand Kingdoms of Dread Arcadia. It is unknown if any of these creatures are changelings or if they are something otherworldly, summoned and created by Mab's personal will.

The Sidhe[edit | edit source]

The most humanesque servitors of Mab have an innate connection to the hidden vices of humanity. While she employs many kinds of servants (and thus different seemings of changelings), some take on the aspects of the nobility of the Dark Lands -- the Sidhe. In tune with vice and sharing the blue skin and black eyes of the Queen of Air and Darkness, the Sidhe are notable creatures if only to stay away for fear of the Dark Lady's wrath.

When asked The Old Guard could summon up a few names of Sidhe with a bit of thought. It is imagined these are the vast majority of Sidhe in the empire-

Memories of Mab[edit | edit source]

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