Magical Artifact
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The Magic Mirrors


The Empire of the White Tower


At least 300 years old, possibly older


Varies from Mirror to Mirror


Varies from Mirror to Mirror, see below

The four legendary Magic Mirrors were powerful tokens from the time period of The Second Empire. Each has its own powers and purposes within The Empire. According to the mirror of history only two such mirrors remain out of the original 4.

  • The Mirror of History- Designed to record and review the entire history of the Empire. Split into two parts, its essence and knowledge (Mr. Information) and its shell (currently attached to the basement of The House and once used to house King Henry Carver). Built for The Court of Autumn.
  • The Mirror of Location- Could locate any object or individual in the empire, showing them in real time. Currently housed in The Winter Palace and owned by King Albert Balmoral. Built for The Court of Winter.
  • The Mirror of Travel- Could allow travel between the Mirror and any other Mirror in the Empire. Status unknown.
  • The Mirror of Thought- Could reflect back the true thoughts of anyone who looked into it. Status unknown.
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