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Mr. Shaitana




By the members of The Deep End, 1997


The Cat, Invaders

Level of Activity



Control over memories, control over other shades, Ability to travel the dreamscape, placing people in "dream states"

Shaitana is a Shade that resides within London's Hedge. Appearing as a Middle-Eastern man in an old-fashioned suit, Shaitana has in-depth knowledge of memories, the Dreamscape, the Hedge, and the "Trapped Dream" that exists in London's Heathrow Airport. He is most infamous for operating Shaitana's Club in Knockturn Alley, and he once worked for The Cat, gaining supernatural powers from him before he was murdered by the members of The Deep End.

Dream Dealer[]

Shaitana's Club in Knockturn Alley was revealed as a black market for memories lost in The Thorns. Shaitana and his servants apparently comb the Hedge for small chunks of misty blue memory that have been lost by those traversing the barrier between here and there, selling them (primarily to Goblins) as the ultimate high: human memory and emotion. As a result many Changelings and even some mortals patronize Shaitana's in order to regain some of what they have lost over the years. The sensations from stolen memories can be quite addictive and have enslaved many beings to Shaitana's service over the years, including Colin Buress.


  • Percy Harving owed for getting him out of the Dreamscape in Heathrow -- UNPAID.
  • Gram Thew and Nellie Whistle for the mesmerizing of Princess Margret -- PAID.