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The Outerfreeholds are changeling-run Freeholds that are separate from, but not independent of, The Empire of the White Tower. All changelings in the mortal British Empire are technically citizens of the Empire of the White Tower, so any freeholds within that territory are also considered Outerfreeholds.

Blackstreet Manor[]

Blackstreet Manor

Located in South-Central London, Blackstreet Manor is run out of a dilapidated and rotting manor house. Its members (such as the infamous Whitechapel Rippers) are almost openly hostile to the rule of the Empire, a position they apparently are allowed to take by dint of The Creature's presence in the basement of their freehold.


The Jade Warren[]

Jade Warren

Run out of a Chinese restaurant in London's Chinatown, The Warren is an underground casino and Opium Den. Led by the rat-like Governor Feng, the Warren serves as neutral ground among the various Outerfreeholds- a "safe" location to deal with the Empire.

Following the end of King George's War the Warren has gained a great deal of power, as Feng is promoted to a "Lord" in the eyes of the Empire and given a formal fiefdom in the heart of London. It is unknown what sort of side-effects this will have on the general London populace.


The City of Underlondon[]


The only knowledge you have of the City of Underlondon is that it exists quite literally under London. And Mr. Cole has some sort of responsibility to deal with vampires.

During the first few days of King George's War the City of Underlondon was sacked by The Family Quay who killed many of the freehold's members and took the remainder hostage, including Mr. Cole who is now the blood-thrall of Kara Quay.


The Water's Edge[]

The Queen Anne's Revenge, flagship of The Water's Edge

Rumored to be the oldest freehold in London, even older than the White Tower, The Water's Edge is a freehold populated almost entirely by Privateers coming from the lower classes of English society. Located in the deep hedge, the freehold unites many on the East Side of London, who prefer to live outside the normal imperial rule structure. The Freehold threw its support behind Rodger West's rebellion in 2010, and may have been completely destroyed as a result.