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Queen Edane (known in mortal society as Edane Smyth) is the flighty, vain and surface deep Queen of The Court of Spring. The youngest of the court leaders and most assuredly the best connected in the modern world, Edane eschews most rules of proper behavior and procedure, preferring to live the mortal life (with privileges) rather then deal with the icky non-realities of the Lost.

Mortal Life[]

Nothing is publicly known of the Queen's life before her durance.


Little is known of the Queen's life during her imprisonment in Arcadia. Rumors spread she was held by The Pan, but they have not been substantiated.

Life in the Empire[]

Shortly after her return from Arcadia Edane was Warded to Victoria, then Queen of spring. According to Astrid Glass, she leapfrogged ahead of the "rightful" heir to the throne of Spring to become the youngest monarch in known Imperial history (she was not yet 16 at her first coronation).

Since becoming monarch, she has rallied a solid group of allies known as The Royal Family of Spring and is very popular among the most modern Changelings of the Empire. Near the start of her reign in 2010 she began a physical relationship with Gram Thew, a Spring courtier of Trouble Ahead apparently as a method of shaming him in public.

Most recently the queen called Games of Fortune to celebrate her Twenty-$#@%! birthday, games that were won by The Household Cavalry. At the annual Spring Fling, Queen Edane lost control of her kingdom, as Empress Victoria ended the season several weeks early to allow summer full control over King George's War.

Impressions of Queen Edane[]