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Rodger West is a member of the First Regiment of The Court of Summer and the revolutionary leader of the Summer Dissidents. Before his revoultionary streak manifested, he was a top fighter in the Summer Fight Club and witnessed the death of David Picket-Frost. He is a Lost Boy.

Mortal Life[]

Rodger's mortal life is largely unknown, but it can be assumed that he was taken at a very young age due to his time in servitude to The Pan.


Rodger was a slave to The Pan. It is not known when he escaped or how.

Life in the Empire[]

Once in the Empire Rodger, like many of the Lost Boys, joined the Summer court. Frustration soon set in as outlets for his anger dried up with no wars to fight and few battles to engage in. Rodger expressed particular anger that every time a fight brewed the King of Summer and The Household Cavalry would rush into fight it, leaving the rank and file without a fight to fight.

Sir Beryl Whitehall would recruit Rodger to fight for The Ashwood Abbey as an outlet for this anger. Rodger was in the cage fighting a Nihil with a few other Summer men when David Picket-Frost walked in and threw himself in front of the Monster. It has traumatized him significantly leading to him drinking more heavily then the average Summer courtier.

In the aftermath of this, Rodger became member of the Summer Dissidents, flaunting the rule of King George in increasingly violent ways until he actually attempted to kill the King in public. After being captured by Percy Harving and Gram Thew, the King turned him over to Queen Mary and Lord Vallum, who tortured him for days, eventually cutting out his tongue.

Rodger was broken out of The Cavern by a group of dissidents allied with The Brotherhood. He somehow regained his power to talk (without a tongue) and a new charisma and zeal. He began actively recruiting changelings to his cause, claiming that Summer itself didn't want "a damned coward" on the throne and would cause an unbearable heat-wave to show its support for the dissident's cause.

Mr. Black has suggested that Rodger regained his power of speech by becoming one of The Punished.

Rodger attempted to offer himself as the rightful inheritor of Excalibur and the Throne of Summer but was killed by Percy Harving during the attempt. Later his body begain to spew smoke which coagulated into the form of Aslan. It is unknown what the flying f*** that means.