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Sir Roderick Grosvenor Bassett


London, England


Amateur Inventor, Investor and President of the The Eccentric Club.


None Known


The Empire of the White Tower

Sir Roderick Grosvenor Bassett, OM, KBE is a wealthy aristocrat and the president of The Eccentric Club.


Sir Roderick was born to an upper-class aristocratic family in the early 1940's. His parents were killed in a fire that destroyed there home of Grosvenor Hall in the southeast of England when Roderick was away at boarding school.

Roderick invested most of his family money in various contraptions including toy manufacturers in his early teens. As a result of this "fool hearty" venture he nearly tripled his family net worth by becoming the main backer of the modern Hula Hoop in England. It is unknown when he received his OM and KBE.

He became president of the Eccentric Club in 1989, following the resignation of the previous president due to old age.


Sir Roderick has a number of eccentric traits and quirks including the following

  • Belief that reading is aided by a lack of trousers.
  • Desire to climb large trees, people and bookcases and once there to be swung around (never actually indulged, but promises were made...)
  • Collection of teapots, some of which contain stale tea from long ago.
  • Understanding that pastel colors go well with everything.
  • Insistence that no newspaper be thrown away for fear that they will be stolen by teenagers.
  • Belief that insanity can be cured by abundant wealth.
  • Oftentimes simply looks at maps and atlases for hours without moving.

Sir Roderick's bizarre behavior is often remarked to be the result of having his emotions harvested a few too many times. His beliefs, odd even for the club he leads, are sometimes blamed on this as well but given that he was a club member long before he was ever harvested (supposedly) he may have had many of these ideas long before his insanity took hold.