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The Ashwood Abbey

The Ashwood Abbey is well-respected hunting club headquartered out of London and founded in Scotland. It holds the distinction of being one of the very few mortal organizations who have knowledge of The Empire, changelings and other dark creatures.

Pip Pip[]

The Abbey is a much-feared organization in mortal society. It is secretive, powerful (having several members of the Royal Family on the member roster) and highly unusual. Many members are wealthy, well-connected, or both, and can obtain almost anything a member might need to carry out all sorts of mischief.

The Abbey is apparently also very aware of the Wyrd, and takes a relish in hunting it and seeing the death and carnage it can create. Lord Henry Blackmund, President of the Abbey's London chapter, has openly described hunting and subduing goblins and other foul monsters as sport.

The Club also has an arrangement with Sir Beryl Whitehall allowing Summer Courtiers to fight for the Abbey's amusement in return for undisclosed favors. Sir Beryl is very keen that this information not make it out to the general public.


Important Locations[]

The Abbey[]

Located somewhere in the Moors of Scotland, the actual Ashwood Abbey still exists and operates as it did when the club was founded ages ago.

The Club[]

Located somewhere in the city of London proper, the Abbey's London Chapterhouse is a proper meeting place for members of the abbey.


The Arena[]

Located in the Industrial outskirts of London, the Arena is a location for housing captive monsters and for structured duals and fights. This is where members of the Summer court have been coming to fight the monsters subdued by the Abbey.