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The Black Treasury
Black Treasury


The Empire of the White Tower


Unknown, presumed to be pre-first empire, at least 300 years old




Secret entrance, magically protected guards


Storage for magical artifacts


The Tower of London

The Black Treasury is a semi-mythic location in The Empire of the White Tower. The Black Treasury is said to contain the amalgamated wealth of the Empire going back to the First Empire. This also extends to the remaining magical power, tokens and mythic artifacts (including the known Illuminated Texts) of the old Empires.


The Black Treasury is apparently accessible from inside a restricted area of the Tower of London, although details have been forgotten by most who have seen the Black Treasury. The main room, as it has been scene, is a large circular space, with hundreds of shelves displaying the material wealth of the empire, carefully labeled with faded brown paper. In the center of the domed black onyx room is a circular staircase which goes upwards (to some space above the domed room) and downwards (to some space below the domed room). It is unknown what exists, if anything, in these spaces.

Treasury Treasure[]

From what was observed by Gram Thew and Percy Harving on a fairly disastrous visit in the summer of 2010, the majority of the "wealth" of the empire are tokens- in fact upon cursory investigation most of the treasury appears to be filled with useless, moldering junk. Upon closer investigation, the tokens take on their natural, Glamour filled appearances. Included in the treasury are the personal tokens belonging to Henry, the former King of Autumn, the assembled Palantiri controlled by the Empire and various other brick-a-brack.

Otherworld Box[]

The Otherworld Box is a token that contained a powerful entity from "another world". The Box was destroyed by the Separating Axe, which freed the entity within.

The Shattering Axe[]

The Shattering Axe is a token that could supposedly separate the mystical from the physical, casting the mystical adrift into the Wyrd. When not appearing as a gleaming silver axe with rubies embedded in the head, the Axe appears to be a 9 Iron. The Axe was recently snapped in two.


Rows of Palantiri rest on shelves in the Treasury, and while a number of them are still whole, all of the ones that connected to The Dark Lord have been destroyed by the Shattering Axe.