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The Benevolent Brotherhood of the Found Ones is a noble entitlement in the Empire of the White Tower. Its membership is restricted solely to individuals who were abducted by The Pan and were "Lost Boys" in Arcadia. The official home of the Brotherhood is inside The Hide-Out.


The Brotherhood was founded by Michael and John Darling, both Summer Court Changelings after they escaped from Arcadia and the clutches of The Pan in the late 1800's. As they were both stolen from a children's hospital, they appointed themselves the defenders of such areas, starting with the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Their numbers soon swelled with other former captives of The Pan joining in defense of the Children.

Late in the Second Empire, a new generation of leaders rose up to replace the now-dead Darling Brothers, including one calling himself James "Hook" Darling. Hook was another captive of the Pan but he was also an avid warhawk who wanted not to defend the children, but eliminate the source of their torment. , Hook lead many young changelings into the hedge, to burn and slaughter what he could in an effort to kill The Pan. He was never heard of again.

Following the embarrassment of the Hook event and the loss of the Second Empire, the Brotherhood has been forced to rebuilt itself this time under new guidance and leadership. The current nominal leader of the Brotherhood is Joshua Wolff.


Most members of The Brotherhood are members of The Court of Summer, but there are decently sized minorities in both Spring and Winter. As of now there are no known members of the brotherhood in Autumn, for fairly obvious reasons. It should be noted also, that the name is very accurate in terms of describing the membership- there are only males in The Brotherhood.



  • None Known


  • Alex Wright (Bear)


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