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The Clockwork Palace is the formal seat of The Empire, a whirling, twirling mechanical structure of brass, gold and glass set around a tower of white marble. It is used for all formal gatherings of changelings and any emergency circumstances. It is contrasted with the informal seat of The Empire, the Eccentric Club.


The Clockwork Palace was not the first seat of the empire. The Imperial White Palace, a structure made of pure white marble, was the seat of the Second empire (no records remain from the first). The White Palace was one of the many important changeling hollows lost during the destruction of the second empire.

The Clockwork Palace was discovered early on in the history of the Third Empire. It's size, comfort and defensibility made it a natural home for the empire and personal residence for the leaders of the Empire.


Known rooms include-

  • The Clockwork Ballroom- Seemingly the "heart" of the Palace, the Ballroom is the most impressive room you've seen. It contains a series of pipes and gears that can play any instrument if they are locked into them correctly known as The Clockwork Orchestra. The ballroom slowly rotates around in a circle and can exude tables, chairs, benches, couches, and any other furniture that might be needed.
  • The Sleeping Quarters- A series of bedrooms and sleeping quarters anchored to the central spire.
  • The Throne Room- Somewhere in the palace is the Throne Room of the Empress. It is the location of the coronation ceremonies of the seasons.