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The Autumn Court is one of the four great courts of The Empire of the White Tower. The changelings of the Autumn Court take the gifts they were given as slaves of Faerie and use them, both to terrorize their former captures, as well as to inflict awe on the average mortal. They are much closer to the Wyrd than any other court, embracing the Fae side of their beings.


All authority and power in the Autumn Court is derived from the iron clad grasp of Queen Mary Bloodletter. All major decisions made by an Autumn Courtier are made with a single thought in mind- "What will Mary do to me if this goes wrong?"

Beneath the Queen are her "Hands"- Prince Edward and Lord Vallum. Each holds up the reign of Mary in a different way with Prince Eddie offering physical intimidation and Lord Vallum... being Lord Vallum.

The other details of the power structure in Autumn are hard to decipher, but two names come up frequently- "The College of Nightmares" and "The Conclave of the Wyrd". Recently, it was Suggested that the Conclave of the Wyrd is a noble entitlement that holds the secret desire to become members of the Gentry.

Courtiers of Autumn

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