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The Spring Court is one of the four great courts of the Empire of the White Tower. The changelings of the Spring Court seek to forget the horrors they once endured in Arcadia by immersing themselves in humanity and the pleasures therein. As a result, they are the closest to humanity, the most modern of the courts, and the least reliant on custom and tradition. Of the four main courts, they can be considered the most optimistic, but are far from the flighty would-be humans many other Changelings accuse them of being; most of their number are still wracked by the guilt and shame their time among the Fae caused them.


The current Court is lead by Edane, the Queen of Spring. She is the youngest of the seasonal monarchs and was once the ward of Empress Victoria.

The Court's overall structure is one of competing cliques, such as The Royal Family of Spring, The Modern, The Old Guard, The Posh and The Temple of the Pound. The Royal Family is the most influential, by dint of having the Queen and Prince John as members.

Spring Courtiers[]