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The Summer Court is one of the four great courts found in the Empire of the White Tower. The members of the Summer Court are renowned as seekers of strength and power, ready to protect the changelings from any foe, but especially those from Faerie. Summer is the most militaristic of the courts, having a strict structure of rank, divison into regiments and units and a code of conduct the other courts do not have. Most of this came from its former leader King George and his Council of Military Advisers


The Summer Court is the most rigidly structured of all the seasonal courts in the Empire. Due to the influence of its former leader, King George, the Summer Court's structure mirrors that of Her Majesty's Armed Forces in the United Kingdom.

The Summer Court consists of the military leadership, commonly called The Round Table, the King's Personal Guard and three Regiments.

The First Regiment, led by Joshua Wolff (Formerly Sir Beryl Whitehall, is the closest to the king, mostly operating out of The Pub and Royal Regiment Red. The Second Regiment, led by Gene Hunt, are known for their ties with Law enforcement, particularly the City of London Police. The Third Regiment is led by Sir Rowland Widdershins, having dark ties to the Autumn Court and specializing in the militarization of Magic as well as intelligence gathering.

The Summer Court is the second largest of the courts, coming only after the Spring Court. Even in times when the summer court is not in power, they are frequently used by the current court monarch as a military and police peacekeeping force, due to their heavy training and affinity for violent action.

Despite this highly regimented nature, there has been an undercurrent of dissent brewing in the court over the last few years due to actions taken by King George. Sir Beryl had been using contacts within the Ashwood Abbey to allow the most discontented summer courtiers to fight their aggressions out to no avail. The discontent peaked with West's Rebellion, a series of attacks on King George "masterminded" by Summer Court private Rodger West.

After the completion of King George's War, George was violently deposed by a former ally, Lord Thomas Gage, and replaced by Percy Harving now styling himself King Percival I. It was widely remarked that Princess Margret and Prince Alexander would both have made excellent leaders of the court, both were passed over for obvious reasons.

Summer Ranks[]