The Creature


The Creature

Also Known As

The Monster, Frankenstein's Monster, Frankenstein



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The Creature is a bizarre supernatural being that inspired the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, one of the Illuminated Texts. It currently resides in the basement of Blackstreet Manor an outerfreehold of The Empire.

Origins[edit | edit source]

According to a memory stolen from Sir Roger Darling by Mr. Shaitana, the creature may well have been created by the Empire in a bizarre experiment that involved Dr. Steven Chandler and Dr. Elspith Glaistig. The experiment was observed or perhaps interrupted by King Albert Balmoral.

Interaction with the empire[edit | edit source]

Since its strange origins, the Creature has apparently struck some sort of bargain with The Empire that could possible have extend to the freehold above him, whereby they would not and could not attack him or the Blackstreeters under any circumstances. Due to its own ruthlessness and the bargain it struck, he changelings of Blackstreet Manor seemed for many years to fear and have a somewhat subordinate relationship to The Creature.

During opening attacks of King George's War The Creature watched, from a comfortable distance, as the destruction of Forget was carried out by the Blackstreeters. It did not take any part in the fighting, remaining across the street from the location and simply observing the chaos and rising flames.

Shortly after this, The Creature lost its power over the Blackstreeters, a development that seemed to annoy it due to the upcoming "meeting" that was soon to take place. He warned Percy Harving that The Empire needed to put its "house in order" before this meeting took place. The meaning of this statement is unknown.

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