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The Crone is an elder of The Court of Autumn and a close adviser/foster mother to The Queen of Autumn.

The Crone plays a powerful, if frequently behind-the-scenes, role in the Autumn court. She frequently acts the gatekeeper to the Autumn Cavern, keeping outsiders from bothering her Queen by performing scryings and determining their near future before they are allowed to pass. She is frequently paired with Prince Edward, who backs up her demands with brute force.

She is also a devout catholic, attending services at Father Forthill's small church. She seems to use the tenants of Catholicism to motivate Queen Mary, particularly where her love life is concerned.

During the crisis over King George's leadership in the wake of King George's War, The Crone successfully conspired with Empress Victoria and Baron Amyas Crayle to place Percy Harving on the throne of Summer, dispite Queen Mary's previous deals with George for mutual support.

Impressions of the Crone[edit | edit source]

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