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The Family Quay

The Family Quay is the largest bloodline of vampires in the city of London and full fledged members of The Dusk Court.


The Quay bloodline was founded by Rev. Dr. Thomas Lambeth-Reede. After becoming convinced that his tattered soul could never ascend to the afterlife, the Rev. Dr. sought to avoid the horrors of non-existence by becoming a member of The Family Tzimisce. His former nature as a changeling gave him powers that were not held by his bloodline, but his advantage over them was short-lived as he was quickly Banished by the empire to New York City.

The Quay bloodline first expanded with the embraces of Governor Arthur Holmwood and Quentin Morris-Hill during the Jack The Ripper crisis. Lambeth-Reede embraced both as punishments for their role in the murders, dooming them to his own damnation.

For the next 100 years the family quay grew, adding members steadliy and growing in power. Lord Vander Quay (as Lambeth-Reede became known) grew in hatred of the Imperials of London and became dedicated to the ideals of the Dusk Court.

In Early 2010 the Family Quay declared war on the empire, joining Blackstreet Manor in an assault on Forget

The Dark Ones[]

Little is known of the Family Quay outside of their status as members of the walking undead. They appear to be proficient hand-to-hand fighters, but their powers (and weaknesses) are not fully known.