True Fae

  • The Artist -- Details unknown, former captor of Baron Amyas Crayle.
  • Aslan -- Lion and Messiah
  • The Huntsman -- God of the Eternal Hunt, former captor of Perth McMannus.
  • The Ladies -- Unseen mistresses of the Bower, former captors of Nellie Whistle.
  • Mab -- Queen of Air and Darkness, mistress of The Shide.
  • The Pan -- King of Youth and Summer, master of Lost Boys, and rumored keeper of Queen Edane.
  • The Red Queen -- Mistress of Wonderland, the Arcadian kingdom closest to London Proper.
  • Wyvern Smaug, The Dragon -- Former keeper of King George supposedly dead by his hand on a moor in Scotland.
  • The Zookeeper -- Chymerical bird-like humanoid that "collects" Changelings.

Memories of the Gentry[edit | edit source]

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