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The Man for All Seasons


The Man for All Seasons


Kara Quay


The Empire of the White Tower, Empress Victoria, Colin Buress

Level of Activity



Can crawl up walls, Enhanced Strength, Speed and Stamina

The Man for All Seasons is the personal servant of Empress Victoria, curator of The Clockwork Palace, and keeper of The Charter of the Land. A combination of chief-of-staff, head butler, and valet, The Man for All Seasons appears to act as a coordinating and facilitating force for the Empire, keeping track of all and sundry in the name of the Empress.

It was revealed by Prince Martin's diary that the Man for All Seasons was a Vampire. It is unknown why a member of The Family Quay would serve the Empire rather than their own family or why The Empress would trust such a creature in a position of vast power and authority.

Due to recent events The Man has become convinced that Nellie Whistle and her motley are becoming detached from reality. It is unknown if this is an act or he genuinely believes they are going off The Deep End.