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What Ho!

The Posh (Also spelled The POSH) are a young Motley of Changelings who represent a "traditional" and highly privileged grouping in spring. They are often seen as the opposing viewpoint to the one aspoused by The Modern. They live in a collective hollow known as The Annex.

Raison d'être[]

The Posh are the idle and well-bred youth of Woodhousian lore, living off the largess of their legal guardians and mentors, The Old Guard. The Posh are also rumored to be severely time-displaced, making their allegiance to the older segment of the court far more understandable.

The Posh know that eventually they will hold the positions and authority held by their mentors, leading to the common practice of toasting every drink by saying "H.T.T.E."(short for Heirs to the Empire).

Members in Good Standing[]

  • Lord Atherton Wing, Duke of Air
    • Animal/Windwing, Nominal Leader of the Posh
  • Lord John Clayton, Baron Clayton
    • Fairest/Muse, Brother of Lucy
  • Lady Lucy Clayton, Baroness Clayton
    • Fairest/Flowering, Sister of John
  • Fredrick Forthwright
    • Elemental/Sandharrowed
  • Stephan & Steven Oliver
    • Darkling/Moonborn, Identical Ginger-Haired Twins
  • Clive Exton
    • Wizened/Soldier
  • Thomas Porter
    • Oger/Farwalker
  • Alma Stephanie Anderson
    • Fairest/Telluric
  • Dahlia Eudicot
    • Elemental/Woodblood

Former Members include-

Impressions of the POSH[]