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British Pound Notes

The Temple of the Pound is a motley (or perhaps a small Entitlement) and loyal members of The Court of Spring. They have a unique interpretation of the Spring Court's connection to desire and the mortal world- the concept of money as power.

Greed Is Not A Means, It Is An End[]

The if the temple has a governing philosophy it is this- That greed in and of itself is good. The desire to posses, to improve ones self and life is the most natural and beneficial of states. Politically they are strong Tory Thatcherites.

In the Empire, the Temple wilds a small degree of power, owing totally to their access to large sums of money. Wes Price, a longtime member, was rumored to be one of the (if not the) wealthiest changelings in London before his explusion from the group after the 2010 Games of Fortune.

Prittering Price Fisher Finance[]


The source of employment and wealth for the Temple is Prittering-Price-Fisher Finance (Also called P2F2 orPPF). Located on the 41st floor of 30 St. Mary's Axe, PPF is a world-class financial institution catering to wealthy private clients. Wes Price was a VP of Institutional Trading for PPF.

Following the attack on PPF by the possessed Gram Thew, Prittering Price Fisher has largely ceased to be as an entity, massively damaging the Temple as a group and the fortunes of The Empire as a whole.