The Village

The Village is a "location" (for lack of a better term) within The In-Between. It has been used for at least a century as the location to which Imperial citizens are Exiled.

Village Structure and Society[edit | edit source]

The Village contains a large number of very similar looking homes, businesses and locations. In the minds of its citizens it is ruled over by a council of "Town Fathers" who are in actuality clockwork simulacra of stereotypical authority figures under the control of Humphrey Peel and Eleanor of Winter.

The Economy of the village is nonsensical, with some citizens doing mundane but untenable economic functions within the society of the village. Gram Thew made 1 chair a day and was able to earn an income whereas Nellie Whistle apparently painted the exact same sea-scape and sold many copies to the same individuals every week.

The two tallest buildings in town were its centers of culture- the Church and Town Hall. The picnic grounds were also a highly important location in town, home to the annual Founder's Day Parade Picnic (which seemingly occurred every few days randomly).

The largest and most sprawling location in the city was the Old Folks Home, where elderly residents were restrained and entertained for their own good.

Village Attributes[edit | edit source]

The Village

The Village has a number of interesting supernatural functions including an utter lack of time. Clocks in the village have no arms, just unnumbered faces.

The Village also seemingly can reprogram the memories of the citizens within it, replacing them with a blind ignorance of the strangeness that surrounds them.

Interestingly, the Village also seemed to contain within it a number of changelings who are very clearly dead. They are effected by this supernatural reprograming and have no recollection of their former lives and deaths.

Most importantly, it seems the Village was protected by both The Blackmasks and a manifestation of The Cat called "Gainsvort" (a variation capable of transforming into a giant invisible dragon-like creature).

Citizens of The Village[edit | edit source]

So Quaint. So Horrifyingly Quaint.

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