Fleet Street 1888

In 1888 the world of the Lost had a very different tenor and feel, not to mention power structure and social order, than in the modern era.

Social Structure[edit | edit source]

The Empire of the White Tower[edit | edit source]

The power hierarchy of 1888 starts and ends with The Empire of the White Tower. In 1888, the White Tower was unquestionably the most powerful organization of the Lost on earth, commanding thousands of Changelings, goblins and a near limitless supply of raw magical power, coaxed from over a centuries worth of complex agreements and arrangements between The Empire and various other supernatural powers. The sum-total of these agreements was known as The Charter of the Land.

The leaders of the so called "Outerfreeholds" were appointed by the Empress of the White Tower, placing her at the apex of the entire society.

The Great Courts[edit | edit source]

The Great Courts of London were divided along seasonal lines- Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. A further great court existed above them in the form of The Court of Albion, The Court of the Dawn. Only the Empress and the highest ranking regional governors were members of the Court of Dawn.

Outerfreeholds[edit | edit source]

The Empire

The Outerfreeholds are any and all territories outside of the Empire of the White Tower. Each Outerfreehold had a regional governor and several had there own (highly limited) court systems. Each larger region had a capital Freehold where the Prince or Princess Imperial who ruled them would sit.

  • Australia: Melbourne
  • Asia: Hong Kong
  • Carribian: Nassau
  • Indian Sub-Continant: New Dehli
  • North Africa: Ciaro
  • North America: New York City
  • South Africa: Cape Town

The Lesser Courts[edit | edit source]

Some of the outerfreeholds have developed court systems of their own. Though none posses the power and contracts of the Great Courts, they do provide social structure and some mild benefits for membership.

In the freeholds comprising the united states, particularly New York, Chicago and Washington DC the Court of Elephants and the Court of Donkeys reign supreme, each jockeying for political position.

In addition, a dark subculture allied to The Dusk Court has spread through the outerfreeholds, promoting rebellion and sedition among the formerly loyal territories.

Creatures of Beautiful Madness[edit | edit source]

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