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Trouble Ahead is a fairly influental Motley of Changelings in the Empire of the White Tower. They are notable for the mixture of Spring, Summer, and Autumn court Changelings, their connection to a long dead Motley of powerful changelings, and their seemingly innate ability to make bad situations worse. Most of the members live in a hollow called simply The House.


They met in, well, chaos. In that respect, not much has changed in the way the members of Trouble Ahead conduct their affairs. Having quite literally run into one in the area around Kensington Gardens, the Motley has seen each other through money troubles, jail, and bad dreams.

Soon after their return to London, the members of trouble ahead learned that they seemed to be dead-ringers for the members of The Deep End a powerful motley of changelings that all died in the years between 1998 and 2007. Looking into the connection between themselves and these seemingly-insane changelings has led to much hardship and grand revelations about the secrets that lurk just out of sight.

Most recently, due to the increasingly erratic and illogical behavior of King George, Percy Harving managed to get himself anointed King of Summer. It is unknown exactly what this will do to the Motley.