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Symbol of the London Willworker's Council

A Willworker (Also called a Mage) is a mortal with the ability to practice magic. They have been nearly non-existent in London since 1997.

History in London[]

Before the Anglo-Goblin War[]

According to Dr. Steven Chandler, the Mages came to London before the Lost did making their home in the ancient city. With the advent of The Empire, the Mages were convinced to sign The Charter of the Land, formalizing a basic agreement that the two groups would stick two. In return for an iron-clad promise to never use magic against the citizens of The Empire (and assist the empire with certain magical efforts), the Willworkers would gain access to powerful fonts of natural magic within The Hedge. This agreement apparently held for hundreds of years until the Anglo-Goblin War.

During the Anglo-Goblin War[]

During the latter half of the Anglo-Goblin War, the Willworker's Council (the Mage's governing authority) begain supporting the Goblins of Harrods Market in their struggle. It is unknown exactly WHY the mages begain providing material and magical aide to the hosts of the Hedge, but their efforts (including unleashing a dozen Nihils into the lower Hedge surrounding The Clockwork Palace) nearly destroyed the Empire. The Mages still could not use Magic to directly attack the empire, however, giving the Changelings a distinct advantage leading to the deaths of most Mages in the city via a series of "purges".

Following tense negotiations, the remaining mages agreed to new terms- their "awakened souls" would be repressed, losing their magical powers. They also agreed that no more Willworkers could "awake" in the city.

After the Anglo-Goblin War[]

The only Willworker known to remain in London with full use of his abilities is Dr. Steven Chandler, a collaborator who sided with The Empire against his own people during the War. He is a close ally of The Court of Autumn, particularly Dr. Elspith Glaistig and Baron Amyas Crayle.


Because of the absence of Willworkers from London in the last 14 years, most changelings have never observed there powers at all. Even before that little was seen of the powers of Mages as they tended to keep their distance. The following are all powers observed by changelings-

  • Ability to open doorways into the Abyss and summon Nihils
  • Create fire out of nothingness and "throw" it
  • Create and maintain "wards" designed to block entry into an area
  • Create illusions
  • Telekinesis

While many of these powers can be replicated through changeling Contracts, they are usually considered weaker and less versatile abilities.