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The Tate Museum in London, headquarters of the Spinner's Guild.

The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars, Dealers and Collectors, known far more commonly as The Spinner's Guild is a noble entitlement in the Empire of the White Tower. Its membership is highly restricted and limited to only those who have show true skill and dedication to the arts.

Secrets of the Spinners[]

The Spinner's believe that Art is the true representation of society, good and bad. As such they are convinced that true works of art can give the viewer important insights about the workings of the world, including being able to predict the future.

As such, the members of the Spinner's guild are fanatical about finding new and more "Inspired" works of art to examine.


The membership of The Spinner's Guild is fairly secretive for a group that is know for doing massive public works. The vast majority of the membership is in either Spring (for their appreciation of the beauty of the human world) or Autumn (for their appreciation of the same in the worlds beyond). Below are the known members-